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10 myths about dogs that you must know.

Call it myths or even “tales of old wives”, but do not call them truths or facts. Some of these sayings about dogs have existed for centuries. In fact, many of them are just myths that amount to bad advice. How many things do we have? heard on dogs and in which we believe? What’s the truth about it?

In this article, we want to deny some of the most famous misconceptions that have been heard for years. Discover 10 myths and truths about dogs.

1. A human year is worth seven years in dog years

dog on the floor

FALSE. It is true that dogs age faster than men, but it is impossible to calculate the equivalence of each year exactly. This type of prediction is very orientative and subjective.

It depends on the development of our hairy friend, and all do not have the same life expectancy, small dogs can live longer than grown-ups. what is certain is that taking into account the average life expectancy of dogs, they are considered adults from 2 years.

2. Dogs see black and white


FALSE. Dogs see the world in color. It is true that they do not perceive them in the same way like us, but they can actually distinguish colors like blue and yellow, and they have a little more trouble with warmer colors like red and pink. it has also been scientifically proven that dogs are able to distinguish between colors.

3. If my dog ​​has a dry muzzle, he is sick

FALSE. How many times did you worry because your dog’s nose was so dry and you thought he had a fever? Although most of the time dogs have wet snouts, they can dry out because of the heat or because they have just woken up, much like when you wake up with your mouth open and dry. You only need to worry if this is accompanied by other symptoms such as blood, mucus, wounds, growths ….

4. Dogs eat grass to purge


A half-truth. There are several theories about this, but not all dogs vomit after eating grass, which does not seem to be the main goal. They may eat it for extra fiber or just because they like it.

5. Before sterilizing a female dog, she must have one litter.

FALSE. Becoming a mother does not improve their health and they will not be happier, which makes it unnecessary. On the contrary, it is better to sterilize them as soon as possible to avoid possible health problems such as cysts, tumors or psychological pregnancies.

6. Potentially dangerous dogs are very aggressive


This is totally false, dogs classified as potentially dangerous are considered dangerous for their strength and musculature, and because of the percentage of accidents in which they are involved and which end up in the hospital. However, this figure is purely for guidance because injuries caused by small dogs rarely end up in the hospital, and are therefore not taken into account.

Unfortunately many of these dogs are trained for combat, which makes them actually aggressive and develop psychological problems. From there comes their bad reputation. But the reality is that if they are well educated they will not be more dangerous than any other dog. The proof is the Kennel Club’s description of the pit bull terrier, which he describes as very friendly even to strangers.

7. The mandible of potentially dangerous dogs crashes when they bite


False. This myth is provoked again by the strength they possess. Because of the powerful musculature they possess, one might think that the mandible remains stuck when biting, but they can open their mouths whenever they want, just like any other dog.

8. They lick their wound to heal themselves


A half-truth. How many times have we heard that dogs can heal their wounds by licking themselves? It is true that licking can help them clean the wound a bit, but if it is done in excess, they prevent the healing process. Hence the importance of the veterinary collar after surgery or injury.

9. Dogs love kissing them


In fact, dogs do not like that. What for you is a gesture of tenderness is an invasion of their personal space. They feel stuck and restrained, unable to escape, which makes them uncomfortable.

10. Dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans if dewormed

False. That your dog is perfectly dewormed and dewormed does not mean that his mouth is clean. You must bear in mind that when he is in the street, he licks things that you would never lick, and so the cleanliness of a dog’s mouth is absolutely no better than ours.

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