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10 Reasons Why Dogs Follow Owner Into The Bathroom..

Here are 10 reasons why dogs follow owner to the bathroom.

1. The curiosity of the dog

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Curiosity causes your pet to want to know what you are doing in the bathroom. He may also believe that you go there often because it is your territory and you must always secure it, as dogs generally think.

2. Dogs protect their owner

Dogs do their best to protect their owner. Even they can go to any extent for their loving owner. This aptitude compels them to go alongside you anywhere even into the bathroom. It is a natural thing that going to the bathroom can become very risky for you. You can under attack from any unexpected thing in the most vulnerable of moments. So you will be secure if you have a loyal pup with your side from any unforeseen hazard..

3. Your dog loves you

It is another most important reason that your dog extremely loves you and want to be with you all the time. Therefore, your dog follows you everywhere even in the bathroom. Mostly, the dogs value the company of their owners. When they find the house very hectic and filled with frantic activity on a general basis, then they consider the bathroom is the best option to accompany you. So sneaking into the bathroom could be most apparently suitable downtime for both of you.

4. Dogs love smells

It is a fact that dogs like smell. So it is another most important reason for your dog to follow you. As it is common that our bathrooms contain many other things rather than just toilets. If you think why your dog is in the bathroom then always think about these smells such as perfumes, cleaning products and soaps. Furthermore, it can also contain shaving crème, conditioners, even dirty towel, and different minute things into the garbage bin. A bathroom could be a heaven for dogs just because it provides them numerous types of smells. Seriously, the bathroom could be a sniffer’s dream!

5. Emotional Attachment

Emotional attachment can be the most important reason for your dog to follow you even into the bathroom. According to many dog’s owners, their dogs worry them. Because dogs go into the bathroom, sit there and start staring their owners while owners are busy in their own business. Why do dogs stare at you? It is not something to be furious. It is a possibility that your dogs, by looking at you, maybe trying to make an emotional connection with you.

6. Dogs have no concept of privacy

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There is no concept of privacy in the dogs. Therefore, your dog considers bathrooms nothing more than a place to join you. Maybe your dog finds you very busy in daily activity with other people. Therefore, your dog may consider this time very suitable to join you when you are all alone. So why you want alone and have privacy in this business?

7. The pack mentality of the dog

Dogs exercise a pack mentality. Therefore, it is a part of their animal instinct. You consider your dogs as part of your life and family and give them protection, security and proper time. In that response, the dogs love you and what to spend their entire time with you. Therefore, they believe that they should be involved in your all daily activities just because of their pack mentalities. They become too much attached to you and feel extremely uncomfortable when isolated from you. So due to their emotional attachment, they need to follow you wherever you go even when you go to the toilet

8. Dogs give a gift to you

It is another most important sign for you that your dogs love you very much. Does your dog bring something to give you in the bathroom? For example, you go to the washroom with a towel in your hand usually and someday you forget that. Does your dog pick up a towel and bring that to you? Such acts of dog show that your dog loves you. What’s wrong if a dog comes into the bathroom and present a gift to you? Don’t be bother, your dog still loves you.

9. Separation Anxiety

This situation occurs when you and your dogs are extremely attached to each other. Your dogs can’t live without you. They become immensely anxious without you. They even want to spend every second with you. In this situation, your dog’s desire to be with you become much more critical with stressful behaviors. For example, your dogs will become upset when you get them out of the bathroom. So if you find any such symptom in your dog, immediately consult your veterinarian.

10. They try to help

Dogs are very obedient. They always try to support their owner. Maybe your dog knows that you have a leaning problem and you are unable to pick up anything so your dog thinks about it to assist you. For instance, your dog can replace the broken toilet paper holder by picking up toilet paper beside you.

So in any case when your dogs follow you even into the toilet then keep in mind that your dogs extremely love you. They want to protect you from any unseen attack and they also want to assist you.