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10 Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You

Do you love your dogs? Yes, would be your answer most probably. Because there are many reasons to love your dog. They are loyal, loving and obedient to their owners. According to different studies, dogs are the cause of stress reduction and health benefits. They are cuddly and brings happiness and smile into your home.

Prior people carried dogs just as a pet. Nowadays, the dog’s importance has been increased and they are equally popular from service dogs to sporting companions. The dogs are the best friends of human. If you want to go for a walk, dogs are a perfect walking companion. Moreover, they prove themselves the best companion for you while driving.

It is not a big deal to figure it out how and why to love your dog? However, to find out that your pup loves you is slightly a challenging task. Dogs are so cute and really deserve your love. If you love your dogs, care and protect them, then they will definitely love you. You can feel their love in your gut. To feel their love, you can rely on your instincts or you can check these specific signs in your dogs.

This guide provides you 10 most important sign to understand your relationship with your dog.

1. Eye Contact

Eye contact is a positive thing in the world of human beings. The best orators maintain eye contact with their audience to deliver their point of view effectively. During the conversation, when other people directly look in your eyes, it means they are interested in what you are talking about. Therefore, maintaining eye contact is very important for engagement and effective communication.

On the other hand, dogs don’t perceive eye contact in the same way as a human. Most dogs don’t like staring and find it aggressive actually. If the dog is staring at you, it doesn’t mean you also feel aggressive. Dogs do stare the person whom they love and respect. When the dog looks at you and whites in the eye of the dog are not visible to you, it means the dog is comfortable in your presence.

2. Tail Wagging

You have most probably seen such wagging dogs. It is said that wagging tail is a symptom of a happy dog. This result is obtained by keen observations and conventional wisdom. Advanced studies confirm this point and express that this is not only a sign of happiness but also a sign of devotion toward the human.

Keep one thing in your mind when dealing with such dogs. Relax and laid-back dogs can wag their tails more easily. This shows that dogs feel extremely well about their owner and they are not harmful to strangers. However, if the dog’s muscles seem firm and the tail is still wagging, then it is not a good sign. It means the dog is angry and really anxious. Therefore, it could be dangerous. So keep it in your mind.

3. Yawning

According to a Live Science discussion, dogs usually most often yawn before their owners as compared to the human stranger. This study further elaborates that yawning can be a symptom of empathy. It is another good gesture to check the fondness of your dogs to you. Yawning is an opposite sign of attentiveness.  If dogs are yawning, it means they are feeling safe in your presence.

4. Lifting their eyebrows

As we have already talked about the tail wagging of a dog. Maybe, you can’t judge the mood of the dog well by just looking at tail wagging. So if your dogs are wagging their tails, then pay your attention to the eyebrows of the dogs. A study in Japan shows that dogs instantly lift their eyebrows when they see their owners. These wiggling eyebrows don’t only make your dogs cute but it is also a sign that your pup is really happy to see you!

5. Snuggling

Cuddling with canine is extremely delightful and pleasing. It is even much more than gratifying. If your pups curl up with you, it shows their great attachment or relationship with you. After all, they left everything for you to cuddle up. They could cuddle up or sleep anywhere but they ignore everything and like to be with you!

6. Big Welcomes

It is one of the most common expressions of love by your pups. Everyone is familiar with the big welcomes from your dogs when you come home either after 10 minutes or 10 days. It is not something to be amazed that this enthusiastic kind of action shows love. Imagine, if you come home after an entire week and your dog is sitting somewhere else and run vigorously to welcome you. How will you feel? Yes! It shows your pup’s love for you.

7. Sleeping Next to You

Dogs have a pack mentality and called pack animals. It is the nature of Wolves that they sleep in huddling even in the wild with their pack members. Even domestic dogs have a pack mentality and have a love for the humans who just provide them a home. When your pet animals feel safe and comfortable then they demonstrate the same behavior as their other family members with you and your family.

8. Smiling

If you don’t know hitherto then it would be an amazing thing for you that dogs also smile. Maybe you have ever noticed that your dog was smiling and you thought it was something strange. It was not presumption. Moreover, your dog was not doing something random or unique. Different studies show that dogs smile. So it clearly indicates that dogs are feeling happy and satisfied.

9. Leaning against you

When you behave with your pets rudely then it is a chance that your dogs lean against you. In this situation, your dogs may feel apprehensive and want your attention to remove their anxiety. For example, they want to cuddle, looking for your some extra attention and security or some kind of comfort. Despite the fact that they lean against you, it is another way of dogs to show their affection to the owner.

10. Stealing your clothes

If your pups steal your clothes, it can be really annoying for you. Sometimes, they steal your shirt, socks, and underwear, etc. and run away to the hallway. You most probably become too much furious on their act. Your thinking might be changed after listening that it is a way of dogs to show their fondness. You can notice that among several things your dog will just pick up your thing. It is because dogs differentiate things through scent. Your dog loves you so your smell. They can unequally identify your things so will pick up yours.

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