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12 Things You Should Never, Ever Do To Your Dog !!


Sometimes our certain actions can harm our pets, and we do so without even realizing it. The reactions from your canine friend can be pretty confusing and daunting to understand. You are not sure of their reactions as they are not able to speak like humans. You may think that you are getting positive reactions from your canine pet but the reality can be totally opposite.

Some canine reactions, which you call positive can be miles apart from the word ‘friendly’ or ‘positive’. It means that you might be getting your dog’s reactions wrong.

To unleash the harsh truth about the canines’ reactions, we have interviews many dog experts and dog behaviorists to understand what it is that our canine friends really want from us.

What Are You Doing Wrong That Is Making Your Dog Hate You?

Our actions can be pretty frustrating to our canine pets. Here are the 11 things you are doing that are making your pet dog secretly hate you.

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