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8 Best Tips: how to keep your dog cool in the summer.

None of us like the hottest summer. You can pass the hottest summer by staying inside the air-conditioned room. However, what about your pup? They are a huge fan to go outside at least 3 to 4 times a day.  They like to wander around, lie in sun, sniffing the air and even chasing the squirrels. Sometimes they are lucky enough to find any rotting thing in the grass so they celebrated it by matting their fur with any suitable substance.

After playing, when dogs come back they are stinky, too much tired and hot. If you are a dog lover then this condition of your dog will make you worry about. In hot summer, you should try to adopt different techniques to cool down your dog.

Here are 8 useful tips to make your dogs cool down.

1. Keep your dog hydrated

One of the most important point to keep your dog cool is to make sure that your dogs drink enough water which is really essential for them. A healthy dog drinks approximately half to one ounce per pound of the body in a day on average. Moreover, in summer, your dogs require much more water and this is a pretty obvious thing. You should keep your eyes on the water bowl from which your dogs drink water all the time. You should refill the water bowl immediately when it is necessary. In extremely hot summer days, you can add a little ice cube to the bowl to keep the water cool.

2. Purchase a kiddie pool for your dogs

There are different types of dog such as Angie and Kira. Angie doesn’t like much water except drinking. You will seldom find Angie playing in the water. On the other hand, Kira likes splashing around wherever find water. If you have dogs who love water like Kira, then kiddie pool for your dog is the best option. You don’t need to worry. We recommend you to purchase a cheap, plastic or somethings similar child-sized pool for your dogs to lie in. Your dog is not only being cooled down but also having fun.

An interesting thing is that even you can slink in a secret doggie bath! Hilarious? There is nothing like a bath for you except playtime. You can join your dog and have fun with that because you want to cool down your dog.

3. Give your dog frozen treats!

There are many dogs who love eating much more than anything else on this planet. If your dogs have such love for food then you can take this as an advantage and feed them cool food having a frequent amount of water.

You can find easily dog ice cream which is very popular and can be found easily on every grocery store. However, if you are expert in making ice cream or any dog frozen treats then you should make your own. Frozen broth popsicles is a very renowned and very easy dog frozen treat that your dog will definitely love it. If you are looking for a no-prep option then chilled cucumber is the best option which is filled with water. Smoothie is another refreshing and cool treat for your dog if you are comfortable.

4. Give your dog a cool surface

Your dogs can’t spend their entire time in the water or eating frozen treats and drinking water even in extremely hot summer. So what should you do? You should provide a cool surface for your dog. You can notice that, in hot summer, dogs mostly sprawl out on the cool tiles. Therefore, you should provide them such a cool surface where they can spend their time easily.

What if you don’t have any such surface? You can use an alternative option. You should take a towel and soak it into the cool water and allow your dog to lie on that. Your act can cool down your dog extremely fast.

5. Get some summer dog gear to keep your pup cool

It is an era of technology. There are different gadget and a gizmo available that don’t let you face such problems. You can utilize these gadgets to cool down your pup. For example, you can find cooling collars, bests and even beds for your pup. Even you can obtain dog boots to prevent your dog from an extremely hot summer.

6. Make sure the dog has shade

Your dogs must be under the shade to protect them from the hot summer. Whenever you go outside and keep your dogs with you then make sure to protect them from the terrible rays of the sun. So there is not a big deal to protect them. For example, you can set up a tent or utilize an umbrella for your dog’s protection. You can set it up next to any kiddie pool and you can serve your pet tropical smoothies as a staycation vibe.

7. Proper grooming is especially important in the summer

Kira is the most famous type of dogs. These dogs contain thick and dark coats that don’t quit easily in summer. Though double-coated skin of the dog can’t keep the dogs cool – hair layer act as insulation actually which acts against the sunburn and heat. Therefore, proper grooming of your dogs will keep them cool in the hot summer.

The undercoat is taken as a natural cooling system of the dogs. However, if you don’t maintain it properly it can prevent airflow after becoming matted across your dog’s skin. So you should properly brush the skin of the dog to remove dead fur and keep your dog’s coat healthy and relaxed.

8. Be smart when it comes to how to cool down a dog in the summer

So far we have described what to do to protect your pup form hot summer. There are some important things not to do especially in the hot summer.

Never ever leave your dog in a car. Furthermore, don’t let them walk during the hot day time as well as asphalt. Don’t tie your dog in the sun or even a chance to the direct sunlight. Keep in mind that prevention is much better than crisis later you can have to face.