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Excessive Dog Barking

dog barking

All dogs bark. If your dog barks frequently and keeps barking entire day and night, it means there is something wrong with your dog. You should take immediate action.

According to animal experts and behaviorists Dr. Jo Righetti, barking is the most common problem to the local councils if you have ever spent your time there. You will find a barking dog really annoying.

If your dog is behaving so, then you should try to understand the reason or cause. There can be a different reason if your dog barks frequently that are as follows: anxiety, excitement, disturbance, boredom and attention-seeking behavior. Try to figure out why your dog is behaving so and try to reduce it. Always reward your dog on his quite behavior it will compel him to be silent.

Excessive barking

Barking is a way of communication between dogs and they communicate with you via barking. No owner like a completely silent dog. It is impossible for a dog to remain silent an entire day. For example, if some knock at the door or ring a bell, it’s a dog duty to tell you that someone is on the door. A problem arises when a dog starts barking excessively.

How to stop a dog from barking?

If your dogs bark frequently, try to figure it out why they are barking? Make your note by writing down when your dogs bark and which type of sounds come out. So you can easily tell the dog behaviorist about your dog conditions.

Ask yourself: does your dog is uncomfortable or in any pain? Take him to vet for a detailed check-up.

Is dog bored? Spend your time with your dog in training, walking and play stimulating games like find and treat and do some exercise. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough time, try to provide him some toys and entertaining material.

Is dog barking because he has been left alone and calling you back? Have you left him for a long interval of time? If so, come back as soon as possible. Dogs are really emotional and can’t bear the loneliness and want their friends to be back. That’s why they quite often bark. If you haven’t left them alone for a longer time, you should consult the dog behaviorist for further advice. He may help your dog in calm down and feel secure.

Barking up the wrong tree

Consider barking as a symptom, if you somehow succeeded to stop your dog from barking, it means you haven’t yet resolved the original problem yet. You shouldn’t use anti-bark collars especially electric or unpleasant scent firing ones. It may stop working but can lead you to more disruptive behavior.

Obsessive barking

Some dogs stuck into bark loop and find out really difficult to stop barking once they start it. Again, in this case, you must look at the root cause and find out the reason why your dog is barking so often. Don’t shout at your dog to stop from barking. If you do so, it will harm them emotionally and they will think instead of resolving their issue you are shouting on them.

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