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How Do Dogs Show Affection?

dog licking

Humans can show affection to their dogs in several ways. Taking your dog on a walk, teaching some core values of your house, letting pup play with children, and treating him not as a valuable member of the family are only a few of them. But how do dogs show affection? Does your dog love you? You probably haven’t noticed it yet but dogs clearly communicate.

From using their nose to tongue to tail to any part of the body, they’ve been talking to you all their life. In this regard, here are 7 signs your dog is in love with you.

1.    Nosing

Ever noticed your dog coming out of nowhere and bumping you with their nose? Well, this is one of the most common signs of affection among dogs. In fact, you can refer this gesture to something like, “Hi, I love you & thanks for caring for me”.

Moreover, nose nudging can also mean that your dog needs to play with you. Thus, giving your dog his due attention will definitely raise the affection for you.  

2.    Sighing

Have you ever noticed that your dog only stretches out in front of you or any other family member? Well, dogs tend to stay alert when strangers are around. Thus, stretching in front of you and letting out a long, relaxed, and happy sigh is a sign of affection. Sighing and snuggling up also means that your dog feels relaxed, safe, and comfortable around you.      

3.    Rolling

Nothing is more adorable than knowing when your dog rolls over the floor to get belly rubs, it means that he likes you. Rolling over shows a high degree of trust and comfort. Will a dog ever roll over in front of a stranger? That’s a huge no!   

4.    Leaning

If you’ve ever noticed your dog leaning his full weight against you, it is another sign of affection. It means that your pup feels safe and comfortable around you.

5.    Eye Contact

Eye contact has always been a core affection value among human, dogs, hedgehog, and other animals – except some special animals like cats. It is an intimate act that shows the trust, affection, and love of two parties looking into each other’s eyes. If your dog often maintains eye contact for long, it is a sign of affection and their attachment to you.

Eye connection among dogs works the same way as a human. The brain releases oxytocin when dogs look at you and it helps them bond with their owners.

6.    Licking

Kissing is considered as a sign of affection universally. It definitely feels a little gross when they kiss you with long sloppy tongues, but licking means “I love you so much” for dogs.  

7.    Jumping

It just like your children getting all crazy and jumping when they see you after a long day at office. If you find your dog running towards your car and jumping all of a sudden, it relates to an act of enthusiasm and love for you. Your dog may be trying to reach your face by jumping – that’s sweet!

Keep following to learn more about different ways dog communicates and how you can be a better parent to your pup. Thank you!