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Is My Dog Afraid of Dark? If so, What Should I Do?

dog fears of darkness

We all have heard stories about kids being afraid of the dark. Some of you might have experienced it too. Ever went to the toilet with your kid at midnight because he’s too afraid to walk outside the room at night? Just like some kids are afraid of ghosts, boogeyman, monsters, or any character from a horror movie, dogs also develop some fear instincts.

Concerned why your dog fears dark? Well, dogs aren’t often afraid of dark, but it does happen sometimes.

Reasons Why Your Dog is Afraid of Dark

Some dogs get anxious when they’re taken to shady rooms, dark backyards, and a walk at night. They find it confusing to enter such areas and if they do, they start behaving strangely. If your dog does any of the following things, then he’s probably afraid of the dark:

  • Whimpering
  • Drooling
  • Barking
  • Restless pacing
  • Potty accidents

If you think that your dog does all these things because he can’t see in the dark, you’re probably wrong. In fact, dogs can see better at night than humans – unless your dog has eyesight problems.

In fact, your dog’s habit to get restless in dark surroundings is more about their heightened hearing and smelling ability. When your hearing and smelling abilities are heightened, you start sensing the invisible threats and dangers – including strange movements, smells, and sounds.

Moreover, your dog may also have a problem with separation. It means that your dog has a fear of getting separated to you in dark. Sweet, isn’t it?

How to Overcome Your Dog’s Fear of Dark?

If you’re worried about your pup’s fear of the dark, you’ve landed on the right page. But before doing anything else, it is better to make sure if everything is alright with your dog’s vision. For instance, if they suddenly become restless as soon as barging into darker spaces, you should have their eyesight checked.

After eye checkup, if nothing’s wrong with their vision, you should start training them to release dark spaces aren’t scary at all. Follow these steps to help your pup overcome the fear of the dark:

  • Take your dog to a walk at night to places with plenty of praise and treats
  • Make sure not to exaggerate the training. Repeat the process for a few minutes only
  • Don’t push it. Let them wander around with their own pace

Following the above-mentioned steps, you’ll notice a moderate improvement within a week or two. Every time you head out in dark, make sure to take their favorite treats and keep motivating them along the walk.

Keep their Comfort & Safety in Mind

You want to help your dog overcome the fear of the dark, right? But it doesn’t mean you force them to sleep in dark spaces or take them to a walk at night forcibly. In fact, lighting their leashes and collars can help to subside your dog’s anxiety in dark. You’ll need a lot of praise and treats every night.

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