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Stranger Danger Mode Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety

As we expect a lot from our beloved puppy, so we may find excitement and fun while introducing our dog to some new people in our lives. On the other hand, for dogs, it can be a stressful activity for our dogs if they are not familiar with new faces. While seeing new faces, dog may go into stranger danger mode.

Way to know that a dog is in a stranger danger mode

Here are some important points about the way to know whether a dog is in a stranger danger mode or not.

  1.  The simple and easy way to know about the stranger danger mode of dog is that they will either cover themselves behind you or will run away from the spot.
  2. There is another condition of their stranger danger mode is that they will become aggressive.
  3. Some species of dog start trembling if they are in stranger danger mode.  

Reason of their stranger danger mode

Unlike other animals, dogs are more afraid of people especially unknown one. There are several reasons behind this mode. Some of them are discussed here.

Dog’s past experiences:  This is one of the most important factors behind the stranger danger mode. A dog having an abusive experience in the past will get into this mode while seeing the unknown and unfamiliar faces. The dogs that are going through or suffering from such situation will need a lot of treatment and training. After going through a period of hard training and treatment dog become normal. If someone is familiar with the past history of a dog, it is very easy to know the reason why a dog is suffering from stranger danger mode.

Because of its genetics: Different races of dogs have different abilities and features. This is because of their genetic effect. In this way, we can say that genetics play an important role in determining the behavior of dogs. So it is very easy to learn about the behavior of a dog because of its genetics. It has been noted that, because of genetics, shy and timid dog produce skittish offspring. A dog who is afraid of all stranger may be suffering from genetic disorder.

Lack of proper socialization: Another important reason for the dog’s stranger danger mode is that they lack socialization. It is commonly known that if a puppy has no chance to meet a wide variety of people having different behavior will develop more fear when exposing to new or unfamiliar faces. That is why socialization is extremely essential for young dogs. This anxiety form unfamiliar and unknown faces will produce an aggressive, shy or nervous behavior in dogs.

To protect their territory: Another important factor which works behind this stranger danger mode in a dog is to protect their territory. Sometimes dog feels that this unfamiliar and unknown face will invade its territory. To protect its territory, about all races of dog, it becomes aggressive against stranger and attack at unknown face. This behavior is also called stranger danger mode.

Treatment of training to manage the Fear

It is very important to manage the dog’s fear of the stranger very carefully. You must know the reason for dog’s stranger danger behavior. This will help you to manage the treatment and training for dogs. You should talk to an expert vet or a canine behavior expert to prepare a plan to manage this behavior. This plan will help you. It is an important point to note that all dogs react differently when they get afraid of an unknown face. There are some dogs who simply cower in a corner in the presence of unknown people while others react by growling and snapping. It is a time-consuming act to treat and train a dog not to be afraid. This process also needs consistency. Here are some helper methods to manage and treat your dog.

Be friendly and polite:

It is a common practice that if you have expected that your dog will react aggressively toward strangers, you may tighten the leash of your dog. This experiment may lead to some unwanted results.  In such situation, you must be polite, friendly and relax. Your friendly and polite behavior will leave a good impression on your dog. Next time, the dog will try to manage its position on seeing the unknown people. This process is a time consuming, it may take weeks, months or even years. There are some races of the dog, who never learn to fully accept strangers. After a small period hard work, you will succeed in alleviating your dog’s fear to some extent.

Visit new people:

This is one of the best ways to manage the fear of a dog. You can train your dog by making a lot of visits to new person each time. Your strange visitor must not make eye contact with your dog. Rather he or she must have a treat for the dog. This treatment must be toss on the floor quite near to your dong. Repetition of this process will make your dog-friendly with a stranger in return for some treat or reward.

Stress-free behavior:

One of the ways to overwhelm your dog is stress. So it is very important to create a friendly environment while meeting with unknown and strangers. One way to lessen stress is the default behavior. The default behavior is an act that your dog can do when they become upset or over-excited. This behavior will lessen the stress of your dog and will divert dog’s attraction and reorient them.

Use of command:

If you want to train your dog in such a way that it may give the response to some selected people, you must start your work on special command. It is obligatory to give reward for each and every suitable and proper response. In this way your dog will concentrate on your command instead of looking and focusing on strangers.

Like the above mention methods, there are numerous other useful methods to train and manage the stranger danger mode of dogs but all of them need patience and consistency.

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