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5 Ways to Decrease The Fear Of Your Dog

dog fears

Many dogs act fearful and shy around new people or facing different situations. Does your dog in same trouble? If so, you should improve the confidence of your dog so that he is no more afraid of scary situations.

There are numerous ways to increase the confidence of your dog. For example, you can divert the focus of your dog from the scary thing to something positive. Many people follow obedience skills like sit, stay and down better command so that your dog will divert his attention from scary thing to you.

If you are interested to find out a permanent solution, there are a few basic methods that can really assist you in this regards. Here are the 5 ways that help you to dramatically increase the dog’s confidence.

1. Start with basic obedience on walks

When you leave for walking with your pup, you should be ready every time because your dog can be fearful of any unexpected circumstances. You should have some toys or any other things that can be used to change the attention of your dog. If your dog is not getting well, or this method is not working properly, you can try a game of tug to divert his attention from the scary situation.

You should adopt any method that your dog likes most. So whenever you find your dog in trouble, try that to change his attention immediately.

2. Move onto a new and scary situation

When your dog becomes a little bit comfortable with people approaching you, you should move your dog to the pet store or vets office. Here dog will find the new beast, different scary sounds and different people to get comfortable.

In the first few trips, your dog will really present himself disastrous to you. However, after that, he will get used to other dogs. It can take time and don’t expect from your dog to get adjusted overnight.

3. Start far away from scary things

Dogs face a special stress threshold when they face something scary or new dogs. You will have noticed most possibly that when you come closer to the scary object, dogs behave uneasily. So it is the most important point that never ever cross that threshold too fast. Achieve this milestone step by step.

Go to the scary object and when your dog becomes fearful. Stop moving ahead. Next day try to move ahead a little bit and make sure that he is not going to be harmed. Therefore, lessen this distance step by step, your dog will get used to it.

4. Your dog will associate training with good things

You should associate some good things while training your dog. For example, when you train your dog and teach a new command such as “look at me”, if your dog looks at you when you say that, you should praise your dog and give him a treat as well. Likewise, when your dog gets close to the scary object and doesn’t be fearful, you should praise and treat him.

5. Keep working your way through a new situation

You should take your time to your dog. If your dog is comfortable in one place, you should move to a scary place as compared to the previous one. By doing so, your dog will be familiar with new places and face new situations so his confidence will be improved definitely.

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