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What If My Dog is Afraid of Other Dogs? Is There a Solution?

dog fears of dogs

It’s not just all about dogs – even human, cats, elephant, and every other living creature you can imagine is afraid of something or someone. Dogs often fear a particular human, insect, or any other thing, but if your dog is afraid of other dogs – the problem occurs. You might haven’t figured it out but this means that your dog can’t play and hang out with fellow dogs in the neighborhood, the dog of your best friend or sibling. You can’t take him to a pet show either.

If you’re experiencing the same, you’ve landed on just the right page.

Signs Your Dog Fears Other Dogs

dog fear of darkness

If you still haven’t figured it out yet, here are some signs that your dog fears other dogs:

  • Your dog lunges, barks, or snaps at other dogs
  • Your dog licks and yawns aggressively when other dogs are around
  • Your dog appears to run away in presence other dogs
  • Your dog isn’t himself when hanging out with another dog

These are just a few signs your dog is afraid of other dogs. And if you want to avoid the unexpected, make sure:

  • Not to take your dog to park, crowded place, or anywhere with other dogs
  • Take it easy with your dog when other dogs are passing by i.e. driveway, street, neighborhood
  • Know your dog’s. If a friend asks you to let your dog play with his/her dog, simply say no!

Overcome Your Dog’s Fear of Other Dogs

All emotions are heightened in fear. Therefore, it is important to help your dog overcome this fear of other dogs. In this regard, here are some proven tips to raise your pup confidence level and help him through the fear:

Identify the Fear Threshold

How close can your dog get to another dog before he starts acting weird? You can determine the fear threshold by distance. Find out whether they’re comfortable around other dogs at a distance of 5,10,50 or 100 feet.

Try to Change Your Dog’s Feelings

For now, your dog probably has negative emotional values for other dogs. To subside this negativity with positivity, whenever a dog appears, take your dog on a quick walk with the other one.

Add Value to the Training

Packaged treats or kibble isn’t going to motivate your dog for this special training. In this regard, add value to the training by picking up some special food your dog loves and reward him every time the fear threshold improves.


This is by far the most important part where you train your dog to be comfortable with other dogs. Practice makes a man perfect – somewhat also applies to dogs. Make use of every opportunity you get and let your dog spend more time with another dog. Make sure to keep crazy treats with yourself for motivation. For example, throw a ball and whoever gets it first will get a reward.

In case you’re still concerned about your dog’s behavior in front of other dogs, feel free to leave a reply below.

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